Adrian Baker is the Director of Education for White Tiger Qi Gong. He has completed two teacher trainings with White Tiger Qi Gong: 5 Animals (Summer & Spring Roads) and 5 Elements & 8 Trigram.

Additionally, Adrian has over 400 hours of yoga alliance approved teacher trainings, including comprehensive courses in Anatomy & Physiology.

Adrian is a formally trained educator with a Masters in Education from Stanford University.  He specializes in curriculum development, designing assessments and coaching teachers on best practices for teaching and learning–practices which hold true across a wide spectrum of learning contexts.

Having grown up with parents who struggled with chronic health problems, Adrian has a keen appreciation for how precarious and precious one’s own health is–and the importance of cultivating it carefully in order to live a long and fulfilling life. He enjoys teaching others in a holistic practice like Qi Gong that is ideal for cultivating physical, mental and emotional health.

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