I’m a mindfulness meditation teacher based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and an upcoming graduate in May 2019 of a two year mindfulness meditation teacher training with renowned meditation teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.
Before I moved to Thailand in 2010, I was the last person you’d expect to practice meditation, let alone teach it. Burned out from a workaholic lifestyle in finance and then politics, I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with stress and anxiety. At 29, I walked away from everything: my career, my girlfriend of three years, and my life in the US as I knew it, and moved to Bangkok, knowing absolutely no one. Within three months of living in Asia I gave up drinking and drugs for meditation and yoga.
Today I teach meditation to help hardworking professionals to excel in their professional pursuits while discovering that true happiness and peace lies within. Meditation will not make you “lose your edge.” It will cultivate a higher level of emotional intelligence that will move you closer towards your goals, even as you come to recognize that these external sources of success will never offer reliable validation for your self worth.
The simple truth is: you’re already enough as you are. Until you have this recognition, nothing else–not more money, fancy cars, sexual partners, not even more Instagram likes–nothing will make you feel truly at ease and joyful.
Meditation isn’t about losing your edge. It’s about losing interest in the melodrama of your mind, and opening to the freedom that arises in the spaciousness that arises between our conflicting thoughts, emotions and desires.
I want to help you open to the perspective that every experience you have in life is here to teach you, to help you evolve, and, above all, to LET GO: not of your dreams and ambitions, but of all the things that are holding you back from achieving them.
Every day of my life is a new phase of a journey. If you’re interested in joining me I would be honored to share with you the practices that have completely transformed my life, and can transform yours as well.
You can send me a personal message through Facebook messenger or contact me through one of the following options:
Email: adrianbakermindfulness@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +66 81 731 8233
Instagram: adrianbakermindfulness

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