IMG_3950 (1)Yoga has had a transformational impact on Adrian’s life, and the immense benefits that he continues to receive from these teachings inspires him to share these practices with others. Over time, Adrian’s interest in yoga has deepened and broadened to include the study of yoga anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, and plant based nutrition. Adrian is passionate about conveying these teachings to others in a way that that can guide people to leading more balanced, healthy, and purposeful lives.

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Why do you practice yoga?

imgresWhy do you practice yoga (asana)?

This is a question into which I strongly encourage any yoga practitioner to inquire. It is a question to which I’ve repeatedly returned over the past few years. In particular, moments in which I’ve experienced injury and in which I’ve been unable to enjoy my asana practice have compelled me to take a long, hard look at this question.

The reasons that I brainstormed were many but most of them boiled down to a simple answer: health. Physical, mental, and emotional health.

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